What kind of apartment fits your personality


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When it comes to apartment styles, there are many options. They vary in shapes and sizes and many other factors. So, if you can’t decide what kind of apartments fits your personality, you should read this guide and find out! We made this list of different types of apartments for you to explore and make an easier decision on your next home!


This type of apartment is great for personality types that like to be alone. Studios are one-room apartments that come with a small kitchen and a bathroom. There are a few variations of studio apartments like alcove and convertible studios. Those variations can be great for people that don’t need a lot of space but still want a separate bedroom or just more space. However, the only issue with living in this type of apartments is that sometimes there’s simply not enough storage space so you have to rely on tips and tricks how to create more storage space.

Convertible Studio

Convertible studios are usually a bit bigger than regular studios. In this type of apartment, there is usually a separate bedroom that was not built but converted into a bedroom. This is usually done by utilizing a montage wall that you can remove.

Alcove Studio

Alcove studios are a type of apartment that has an L partition that is called an alcove in its living room. This is a great option if you want to have some extra space, or you find the regular studios too small for your needs.

Although most people use the alcove as a sleeping room, there are a variety of inventive ways to utilize this extra space. An alcove studio apartment, unlike a convertible studio, may not have enough space to construct a temporary wall to completely divide the sleeping and living areas.


Loft apartments are some of the most popular, and overall best apartments that you can find. They have a large room with an open plan with high ceilings and are situated in commercial buildings. This is because they are usually converted from commercial spaces to residential. Because they are located in commercial spaces they often have a well prepared virtual tour that you can check out before renting. 

However, we still recommend visiting personally so you can get a better feel of the space. Moreover, it’s best you inspect the loft yourself before you decide to buy it. The high ceilings and often found big windows give lofts a specific feel and create an illusion of a bigger space. 


Duplex apartments are apartments that have two floors. The second floor is usually where the master bedroom is. Duplexes vary in size and can commonly be found in both ends of the spectrum. The size variability is true for both floors. That is why duplexes are a great choice for all personality types. 

Garden apartments

A garden apartment provides access to a backyard and is generally always on the ground floor, however it can also be found in the basement. These are particularly crucial to see before signing anything – being partially underground is not ideal. Garden apartments can also be a security issue, as pests are more prevalent in them. But, this is not a rule. 

The phrase “garden apartment” does not always imply a unit with direct access to the outdoors. Rather, it usually refers to a low-rise apartment complex (generally no more than three stories, but outliers exist) surrounded by green spaces such as lawns, forested areas, and gardens. Garden apartments can be found in a variety of locations, including rural, suburban, and even metropolitan areas.

Junior 1 bedroom apartments

This type of apartment is a step up from studios. These often suit people with pets or small families. They always include a separate kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

When it comes to a junior 1 bedroom floor plan, there are no hard-set rules. This is because the layout can change depending on several circumstances. Buildings age can often be an issue, as older buildings tend to have a high ceiling and larger rooms. Another element is the area’s population; obviously, richer places have more space for apartments, even junior 1 bedroom units.

Micro apartments

This type of apartments is the smallest one on this list. Micro apartments are a smaller version of studio apartments. An apartment is called a micro-apartment if it is smaller than 350 square feet. They come with a bathroom, a kitchen area, and a general living or bedroom space. These apartments are a product of the rising demand for rental space and rapidly rising land value, especially in big cities like NYC. Because they are so small, you will have to bring the bare minimum of your items to them. That is why you have to think well before deciding on whether you will rent them or not. These apartments are great for minimalists or people with a small number of clunky personal belongings.

Railroad apartments

These are named by their straight floor plan, which can be seen in smaller and older structures. Three or four rooms are commonly connected without the use of a hallway, making a long and narrow space. Bedrooms can be found on either side or even in the middle of the room. This type of apartments are not very popular because of several reasons.

If you ask anyone who has lived in railroad apartments will tell you that no matter how much work is done to bring these flats up to modern standards, they often retain at least some of the issues that renters in New York faced in the late 1800s. This is no doubt why everyone from interior designers to sociologists continues to portray the railroad in a negative light. This is a potentially challenging apartment to furnish and decorate because of its layout. However, instead of buying new furniture and accessories specially for this apartment, you can always decorate with what you have.

In conclusion

There are many different ways to decide on what type of apartments fits your personality, but the best way is to get to know each type and decide by yourself. That is why we made this list and gave you all the information you need to decide on your next home. 

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