Simple Yet Clever Ideas that do Magic in Kitchen Designs


A kitchen redesign or renovation does not necessarily mean knocking down walls or upgrading each and everything. Many small kitchen ideas can do the trick- maximize storage, efficiency, and give a new better look. Here are a few of those magical kitchen design hacks.

Floating Shelves, Cabinets, And Tables

Do you have a tiny kitchen? Does your kitchen feel all clustered up by cabinets and dining table? Worry not, for the solution is floating racks, cupboards, and tables. These cabinets and shelves can solve your storage problems without compromising the space. The floating table is perfect for a kitchen that can’t host a typical table. There are various colors and styles to choose from while looking for these floating accessories. They are truly a trend among all the kitchen renovators. If you are a kitchen owner in Birmingham, ask any Kitchens Birmingham expert.

Use Lacquers

Lacquers can never go wrong. The excellent substance gives a sleek and shiny look to your counterparts and cabinets and comes with a broad color palette. It is a highly durable material that makes it a wise kitchen investment. Do you want a sleek, stylish and contemporary kitchen? You know what to do now.

Go Light

There is magic in light colors because they can make a tiny kitchen seem huge. It is a good choice if you have an astonishing view from your window. Light-colored monochromatic or patterned designs in countertops, backsplashes, walls, shelves, as well as cabinets can do wonders to a small kitchen. AN all-white kitchen works exceptionally well too, combined with wooden racks, trays, and other accessories. For a few all-light colored kitchen designs to your liking, you can always look at the websites of numerous Kitchens Birmingham design companies, if you are a Birmingham kitchen owner.

Attractive Tile Work

Tiles are an essential aspect of kitchen design- irrespective of the style. Hence, your tile-game should be up to par while designing a kitchen. The floor is a highly overlooked kitchen area that is perfect for a boldly patterned tile design (it gives the image of a greater space). You can also use monochromatic tiles or multicolored patterned and textured tiles on the walls to make the room appear modern, sleek, and clean. You can also have great tile work with backsplash. Again, you can use different color combinations, textures, and even shapes of tiles to create a masterpiece design. If you have a kitchen hood, cover it with the same design as that of your backsplash to give it a sleek look.

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