Frequently Asked Questions About Pole Buildings


Pole buildings, historically referred to as pole barns, used to be considered appropriate only for agricultural uses, but these days, they can be found just about everywhere. Homeowners build pole barn garages, storage sheds, or even beautiful, modern homes. Commercial property owners use this technique to construct everything from garages to shops.

The proliferation of pole buildings in recent years has driven even more of an increase in landowner interest. Those who aren’t yet intimately familiar with this building technique often find themselves with questions that need to be answered before they can move forward, though.

What is a pole building? What sets this construction technique apart from traditional methods? Read on to find the answers to all of the local landowners’ most pressing questions.

What Are Pole Buildings?

Pole buildings are constructed using post-frame building methods. They feature large posts, similar to telephone poles, that hold up the roof and bear its weight. This construction technique allows for more open floor plans, better insulation, and a wide range of other benefits.

Who Uses Pole Buildings?

Originally, pole buildings were used primarily by farmers looking for cost-effective ways to manufacture barns, equipment storage facilities, and other outbuildings. These days, the applications for pole buildings are more varied. Both commercial and residential property owners can benefit from the affordability and versatility of post-frame construction.

Why Are Pole Buildings So Cheap?

Don’t be fooled by the comparatively low-price tag associated with post-frame construction. Professional pole barn contractors use high-quality materials to construct impressively durable structures. Instead of cutting corners, they leverage the power of post-frame construction to avoid the expensive foundations and excess lumber requirements associated with traditional construction.

How Long Do Pole Buildings Last?

A well-constructed pole building can be expected to last at least 40 to 60 years. In the right climate, and with the proper maintenance, they can last much longer.

Can Property Owners Build Their Own Pole Barns?

One of the many advantages of post-frame construction is that it requires less labor than stick-framing. Property owners who have construction experience can purchase kits and build their own pole building garages, storage sheds, or even homes. That said, those who don’t have industry experience are better off working with a skilled pole barn contractor.

How Do Contractors Build Post-Frame Homes?

Post-frame construction is just as convenient and affordable for residential applications as it is for commercial and agricultural uses. Pole building contractors can add insulation, lighting, interior walls, and other features found in traditional homes. The end result will be just as beautiful and durable as a stick-framed house.

Can Pole Buildings Be Customized?

It’s very common for property owners to customize their pole buildings. Skilled pole barn builders can add upgrades like decorative cupolas, steeper roofs, covered porches, dormers, and other advanced features.

The Bottom Line

Pole buildings are versatile, durable, and beautiful structures that can be used for almost any application. Property owners who still have questions about post-frame construction can reach out to a skilled contractor in their areas to get the answers they need before moving forward with their projects.

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