Bamboo Flooring – Some Information About the Idea


Plywood flooring, timber, oak, etc., are some of the most preferred types of flooring. The new type of flooring that has become quite famous in today’s world is bamboo flooring. Many companies have come forth to help people in the installation of bamboo flooring. You can find the name of such bamboo installation services with the keywords, “bamboo flooring installation business around me”.

Why Bamboo Flooring?

In Australian building flooring, bamboo is one of the most preferred options for the past few decades. When compared to the carpets and timber floorboards, bamboo flooring is durable and is even an easily affordable option. Hence, many construction services prefer finishing the flooring of the buildings that they handle with bamboo flooring in Australia.

Overall Cost

The possible charges for bamboo flooring can start from $40 and can exceed up to $50. The bamboo supplier and the type of bamboo that you choose for the flooring matter a lot in this case.

Most of the bamboo floor installation services work in alliance with the online directory This is an Australian online directory with the names of almost all flooring installation services in Australia. You can look through this directory and find the service that works perfectly for your requirement. Visit the online directory page to know more.

Installation of the Bamboo Flooring

The installation of the bamboo flooring can be carried out in two different methods. They are –

  1. With the help of the adhesive
  2. The “floating floor” option

The floating floor option of the bamboo flooring installations is in great demand because of the option of easy installations, and also no or fewer chances of the damages of the bamboo floorboards during the installations.

The step-by-step process of the flooring installation is carried out as follows. 

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  • The subfloor is first checked to make sure that it is dry, clean, and also level.
  • With the help of the concrete moisture meter, the moisture levels of the subfloor are estimated. If the reading exceeds 7%, then the floor is not ready for the bamboo flooring installations.
  • The bamboo flooring boards are laid systematically and also uniformly and are let to acclimatize. It is left like that for at least two days.
  • An area of 10mm is left as the expanded area for the floorboards during winters.
  • The boards are set systematically and also perfectly.

The overall installation of the bamboo flooring will require not more than three to five days. This duration includes the two days that are used for the acclimatization of the bamboo floorboards.

Before finalizing any bamboo floor installation services, it is suggested to ask them as many questions as possible to clear all your doubts regarding their work ethics.

Finding the Bamboo Flooring Installation Services

The best and the most suggested way of finding the ideal bamboo flooring installation for your home is by visiting the Bleen online directory Website. This webpage offers detailed information about the most preferred bamboo flooring installation services in your locality. You can go through their work experience, authentication, and customer reviews, and so on and find one that works for you.

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