5 ways to keep it traditional when planning your wedding


Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable and important days of your life, and so it’s natural that you’d want everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, life isn’t always so simple, and the truth is if you want an all-bells, all-whistles ceremony that rivals the Kardashians’, you’ll need to have a big bank balance. We always encourage people to consider traditional and understated weddings, as you can cut costs and keep the ceremony all about your love.

Find accessories and decorations easily

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of sticking to a traditional wedding is that you’ll be able to find everything you need for your big day without going bespoke. Everything from floral displays, tables, chairs, centerpieces, accessories, and more all need to be sourced – and if everything has to follow an out-of-the-box theme, things will not only get expensive, but it’ll be harder to organize on your own. Choosing a traditional wedding theme with a white dress and floral displays means you’ll find what you need, making life easier for everyone involved.

Guests will know what to expect

If you’ve got a family that values tradition, following in their footsteps for your wedding is the most sensible idea. Sure, you could dress up the groomsmen as superheroes, make your dog the Best Man, hire a celebrity impersonator, or even get married on a rollercoaster. But really, you just can’t beat walking down the aisle to a romantic song with your loved ones around you. Keeping it traditional means everyone knows what to expect on the big day – from what they need to wear, to where they’ll be traveling to, to how long your day will last.

You’re a fairytale princess!

When you hark back to your younger years, the chances are that you had a dream wedding in mind. Maybe you were hoping to marry Zac Efron or Justin Timberlake, and though that might not be achievable, the rest really is. Maybe you wanted a pretty white dress, a big pink cake, and a handsome groom. Why overcomplicate things? Textbook weddings allow you to fulfil your childhood fantasies and pay tribute to your journey – from little girl to a married woman, you’ve come a long way, and it’s important that you celebrate those achievements.

Take inspiration from other weddings

Another big benefit to traditional weddings is that you’ll find dozens of blueprints online that you can take inspiration from. Just check out the Style Me Pretty Pinterest page – more than a million people have followed their wedding details board. You’ll find everything from custom wine bottles to wedding rings, dresses, and table decorations. Copy your favorites and you’ve got a wedding designed for you – no need for an expensive wedding planner!

You can still add some quirks

Just because you’re wearing a white dress and getting hitched at a chapel doesn’t mean you can’t inject some personality into your day. There are lots of ways that you can add quirks to your celebrations to represent you and your partner. Whether that’s walking down the aisle with your mom rather than your dad, or handfasting before exchanging rings to symbolize your love and commitment, it’s worth getting creative and coming up with your own ideas. Claddagh Rings has shared some traditions in this infographic to give you food for thought.

Celtic Wedding Traditions

Whatever you choose to get up to on your wedding day, we hope that your celebration is filled with fun, laughter, lots of love, and good memories. Congratulations to the both of you.

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