The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Partner



With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks ahead, it is time to start thinking about gifts for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or any person you love and want to spoil on this day. No matter how well you know your partner and how long you have been together, picking up the perfect gift can be a challenge. This is because you want something sensible, personal, useful, and memorable but also something that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Flowers are great but what else? We have done some research and have handpicked a few gift options that will make your partner swoon. Keep on reading to discover what you can gift your valentine this Valentine’s Day. 

Luxury Chocolate Box

Chocolates are a classic Valentine’s Day gift that you can’t go wrong with. No matter what their age or gender is, most people love receiving luxury chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift. We recommend that you take some effort to customise your chocolate box and wrap it with gorgeous gift-wrapping paper. 

Make sure that you write a heartfelt note that will instantly make your loved one smile. You can consider creating a chocolate bouquet, chocolate jar or a chocolate hamper to make your gift unique and creative.

Don’t have time to create a DIY chocolate hamper? Fret not, we have got you covered. Bring home luxury chocolate assortment boxes from Fabelle for your loved ones and watch them drool.Want to know more about Fabelle chocolate prices? Visit the ITC store to get the best Fabelle chocolate price online. 


Does your partner love trying out new fragrances? Let’s be honest. Who is opposed to smelling pleasant? Fragrances are a perfect gift option for both men and women to gift on Valentine’s day. You can either go for everyday deodorants or body mists, pocket perfumes or luxury perfumes depending on your budget. 

Does your partner travel often for work or leisure? You must consider giving them a bunch of pocket perfumes that will help them stay fresh and smell good all day. Engage is known for its impressive range of pocket perfumes which are long-lasting and budget-friendly. 

While men can consider gifting their women Engage L’amante Moments Perfume Gift Box For Women, women can gift their boyfriend or husband Engage L’amante Moments Perfume Gift Box For Men. 

Journal Gift Set 

Looking for a gift option for your girlfriend or wife who is big on self-care and journaling? We have a perfect gift suggestion that will make her feel special. 

Create a journal gift set and add her favourite journals, notepads and leather-bound notebooks from PaperKraft. Next, add a couple of everyday pens and luxury pens to take the gift set to the next level. 

A pro tip is to add a few quirky stickers and washi tapes which your partner can use while bullet journaling, sketching and planning their daily schedule. 

Skincare Gift Hamper 

Is your partner big on skincare routine? Why not gift them their favourite skincare products this Valentine’s Day and let them know that you love how they love taking care of their body and mind? 

You can head over to the ITC store and pick out winter cold creams, body serums, night creams, aloe vera soap, shampoo, conditioners and other everyday skincare items that your partner would love. We recommend that you gift your partner some new skincare products which they don’t have in their skincare kit and that you feel they would love. 


Who says that you need to spend a bomb to gift a memorable gift for your partner? Just do your research and come up with a gift that your partner will know you have put a lot of effort and thought behind. 

Head over to the ITC store to browse through their wide collection of perfumes, luxury chocolates, journals, skincare products and beauty products to get Valentine’s Day gift inspiration for him or her for 2023. 



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