8 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Even Minor Basement Leaks


As we enter the winter season, there is really one question you should be asking yourself – will you be needing waterproofing services, Kennesaw, GA this year? The answer will most likely be yes as melted snow is not something you should ignore. Furthermore, this is just one of the many things you should watch out for as soon as the cold weather begins.

With that in mind, we would like to help you effectively prepare by giving you a rundown on the reasons why you should not ignore even minor basement leaks.

It jeopardizes the aesthetic value of your home

Most waterproofing services, Kennesaw, GA would advise that one of the worst things that a basement leak could cause is the loss of your home’s aesthetic value. There are noticeable stains and a very bad smell that could only get worse. These are typically from the mold and mildew formed.

It lowers the economic value of your home

From the previous point, if there is a loss in aesthetic value, this will also cause a loss in economic value. Should you plan to resell your home, waterproofing services, Kennesaw, GA would advise that you present your property in top notch shape, which means removing any signs of basement leaks.

It may pose a variety of health problems for everyone

On a more serious note, even minor basement leaks can cause very serious health problems for everyone. Water damages can make your home damp, which further increases its moisture levels. As a result, people living there will most likely experience respiratory issues and other skin problems.

It affects your home’s foundation

When it comes to water damages, your home’s foundation is affected, especially if the damage is coming from the basement. Should you experience minor leaks, it is best to have them repaired by the experts as soon as possible.

It could cause faulty plumbing and appliances

The scary part about water damages is that some damages are not that obvious, which is why you need to watch out for the signs. For example, a toilet that is overflowing is a sign that there might be water damage in your basement. Furthermore, other signs include a tap left running, faulty plumbing and even appliances, leaky pipes, and so much more.

It increases the moisture levels

As we have explained before, mold and mildew formation are dangerous. If you failed to fix a leak in your basement, this could increase its moisture levels, which could cause mold and mildew.

It increases your repair cost

An unattended minor leak may seem like it’s nothing but if you continue to ignore it, it could lead to even more repair costs. As soon as you notice something is wrong, immediately call the professionals.

It causes your water bills to rise

Because of faulty appliances and a running tap, your monthly water bill will increase. We couldn’t stress enough the importance of seeking help from a professional.

However, before you do that, you need to be able to spot the signs of basement leaks. During this winter, keep a mental note of what we have discussed so that you won’t risk spending so much on repair costs and unnecessary water usage.

At DONE ATL, we understand basement leaks like the back of our hand. If you need the help of waterproofing services, Kennesaw, GA, then contact us today!

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