How You Can Have the Best of Composite Decks?


Taking care of adjacent territory requires constant attention, time and money. You often want to have a terrace, but the wood outside is a complete mess. It takes a lot of time and money to keep looking normal. There is an alternative decking made of wood polymer composite (WPC). It looks like a board, no painting required. By the way, it can be used in gazebos and on piers, on balconies, etc. Fences and stairs are made from the same polymer board. All in all, good stuff. Visiting  is the perfect choice there.

What Is Deck?

For external usage in light structures, the deck is ideal. For the most part, the flooring is constructed on a terrace, either covered or open. Swimming pools, gazebos, and other outdoor structures may also benefit from this kind of flooring. The working environment is challenging. As a result, the raw materials used in its production are put under more stress. It must be able to withstand all weather conditions, be resistant to UV radiation, biological deterioration, and also be robust, durable, attractive, and inexpensive. This is a new set of characteristics that we have. Materials that are at least somewhat compatible are few and far between.

The same type of material is called English decking which translates as flooring, but more often as deck flooring. Apparently, therefore, you can still find the name “deck board”. It actually differs because longitudinal grooves are formed on the front surface for water drainage. In decks, this is very necessary. The same grooves make the floor less slippery when it rains. Often but not always decks are also made with longitudinal grooves.

What Are They Made Of?

Initially, very dense wood species with many resins were used for decking. These breeds do not grow in our latitudes, and it is very expensive to buy exotic things on the street. From local wood, larch gives the feeling of being more or less on the street, but takes on a grayish hue no matter how you care for it.

Later, heat-treated wood appeared. It is kept at a temperature of 140-160 ° C, with which its density increases. It absorbs less water several times less. With proper processing, it is not affected by fungi. But such a board does not cost much less than “exotic”. And yet it’s wood, so maintenance is annual.

Recently, a wood polymer composite or WPC has appeared. It is a mixture of wood fibers and polymers, to which coloring pigments are added. From the resulting mass, plates are formed by extrusion. The coating cannot be called natural, as polymers are used. But it meets most requirements. We should say right away that you can’t call a high quality WPC deck cheap.

Polymer Board for the Terrace:

The wood is obviously beautiful. But on the street, it requires regular maintenance. Even with the condition of using modern chemistry. The same wood oil looks great all year round. But after a year, the coverage needs to be renewed. Given that the cost of good oil for tough operating conditions is quite considerable. This is a very tangible expense. Well, you should also consider the time it takes to process. Let the oil be applied only to the wood, but this is also the time.

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