How Free Shipping Coupons Make the Process of Buying Furniture Easy


Free shipping is a popular incentive that many furniture stores offer. They can be found by signing up for their newsletters or checking social media accounts.

Furniture stores offer free shipping to encourage people to buy their products online. However, everything is never free, and the shipping cost is worked into the furniture price.

They Make Your Shopping Experience More Convenient

Many furniture stores buy their pieces directly from manufacturers. This gives them a lower dealer or wholesale price. They then add a markup to the product to create their retail price, often 2 to 4 times higher than the item’s wholesale cost. 

If you shop at one of these stores and use a free shipping coupon, you can save significantly on your purchase. It’s important to note that these discounts will only apply to the product, not any additional items or services you may need. It would help if you always read the fine print to understand how this discount will apply.

Most people are not willing to pay the total price for furniture, especially if they know they can get it for less elsewhere. That’s why taking advantage of the furniture store coupons you can find online is essential. You might be able to save hundreds of dollars by simply taking the time to look for these deals.

Some companies also offer free shipping for repeat customers, which can be a great way to build brand loyalty and keep your business running smoothly. You can find these coupons by signing up for the furniture store’s email newsletter or searching online for the best coupons. You can visit sites like for more information.

They Save You Money

Furniture stores don’t lose money when they offer free shipping. The cost of furniture shipping is built into the price of each product. However, this can be a confusing thing for consumers to remember.

If you’re shopping for furniture, plan your purchases carefully to save on shipping charges. Most retailers have a minimum investment that you need to meet before you get free shipping, so adding another item or two to your order might make sense to meet the threshold. Alternatively, you can save on discounts and shipping fees using a coupon that offers both.

Additionally, when planning your purchases, consider the return policy. Many furniture stores only accept returns within a specific window, and any items returned after that period may be subject to a fee.

When deciding whether or not to offer free shipping, consider your average order value (AOV), the cost of delivering each product, and your profit margins. AOV and profit margins are easy to calculate, but the actual prices of each product can vary depending on where you ship your products and how quickly they’ll need to be delivered. For example, fast delivery services like a white glove are typically more expensive than ground shipping.

They Make Your Life Easier

Whether you’re a furniture store owner or a customer, understanding the value of free shipping coupons is essential. While most retailers aren’t going to offer a 100% free shipping option on their entire product catalog, many will include the cost of shipping in the overall price of a piece of furniture to help close sales.

For example, a small online retailer of modern furniture found that customers were abandoning their carts after seeing the combined price of the couch they wanted and the shipping cost on top. In response, they started including the cost of shipping in the actual price of each item and found that they could reduce their cart abandonment rates significantly.

Other furniture stores offer free delivery or zero percent financing to entice shoppers to buy their products. However, be aware that most of these deals require a minimum purchase and often come with interest charges that can add up quickly. Before you agree to a financing or delivery deal, consider consulting with a financial empowerment center to create a budget that will make the purchase manageable.

In addition to offering free shipping, you can entice shoppers with coupon codes that provide a discount or free item when the order is over a certain amount. These are typically coded to take a specific percentage off (for example, X% off), or they can be for a fixed dollar amount ($X off). You can use built-in coupon management tools to set up these promotions.

They Save You Time

You’ve browsed and bargain-hunted and finally found the perfect piece of furniture for your space. Now comes the tricky part: getting it home. The cost of delivery and return shipping can add up quickly. If careful, you could avoid paying hundreds of dollars for a sofa or recliner you don’t love. Fortunately, you can avoid this by shopping at free shipping stores.

Unfortunately, most free shipping offers require a minimum purchase. This can make scoring a great deal on furniture tough, especially when buying a lot at once. If you’re a member of an online store, check its terms and conditions to determine if you have to spend a certain amount to qualify for free shipping. Some retailers exclude items from free shipping promotions, such as gift cards or sale and clearance items.

Luckily, many furniture retailers have other ways to save money on furniture purchases. Some online retailers offer coupons for new customers who sign up for their email lists. They also have membership programs, delivering a yearly fee, and provide discounts for a similar price.

Another way to save is by comparison shopping. Many furniture stores sell the same pieces for different prices, so it’s worth checking to see who has the best deals.


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