Brighter Entrances: Three Tips to Maintain Awnings For Northern Carolinian Businesses


Picture this: You own a cute little restaurant right down West Lee Street, Greensboro. Considering the proximity of the Coliseum Complex, you can expect a steady stream of hungry diners pouring into your establishment right after a game.

But what would help those people notice your place more quickly? Well, the answer is a bright, colorful awning. Now, you could get one from any fabricator that sells commercial awnings in Greensboro, NC. Yet, you must ensure several things when you invest in these props. Simply put, you must take care of them to last a long time.

So, here are three things you need to watch for:

  1. Ensure against elemental exposure

Greensboro isn’t incredibly windy, but it tends to have some snowfall. Add the partially cloudy weather all year round, and you could look at significant elemental exposure for your awning. Thus, to get a sturdy installation done, you need to consider adding wind poles for structural support. And, while you are at it, build a makeshift windbreak that could include a shrub, fences, or even a small hedge.

Granted, this won’t protect the top of the awning, but at least they will prevent harsh weather conditions from tampering with the prop excessively.

  1. Conduct periodic inspections

The metal in the supportive accessories of an awning will gradually degrade over time, considering it is almost always outside. What you can do, though, is conduct frequent inspections. During that process, look for any rust, mold, or corrosion on the stems. In addition, check if the pulleys are working correctly. Often, prolonged exposure dries out the cogs in the mechanism, and they tend to get jammed. A simple tip here is to grease such parts frequently. Note that this will be fine if the entire structure is retractable. However, that would also mean that you won’t be able to take the prop down in relatively harsh weather.

So, consult with a vendor that sells commercial awnings in Greensboro NC, to determine what works best for your business.

  1. Only ever use mild detergents

A common mistake most people make when cleaning the awning fabric is using heavy-duty detergents or bleach. These chemicals can effectively remove stains but permanently damage the material. Combined with the hot summers in Greensboro, this could also cause the fabric to lose its color gradually. Thus, it’s advisable to stick to general rinsing to clean any collected dirt or debris on the material surface.

If stains refuse to budge, use mild detergents and a soft brush to scrub the spot gently. In addition, never apply any lubricating agent to the canvas. While such solutions can help the material seem shiny, it is harmful to its overall lifecycle when used frequently.

A shiny new look

Awnings are an excellent way to liven up the entrance to any place. But they also come with rules regarding their maintenance.

So, the only way to keep up with those requirements is to inspect the erected structure thoroughly. You don’t have to do it every week, but a bimonthly or semi-annually examination will work fine. And this goes without saying that you should never use heavy chemicals while cleaning the fabric. After all, the goal is to install an awning for long-term usage.

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