Top 6 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clutter-free


Once you start keeping unnecessary things on the kitchen countertop, there is no going back. It keeps on getting deposited until that place looks like a mess. So, it becomes extremely important to clear this clutter and keep your space organized for a seamless cooking process. Using cabinets and external storage places around the kitchen area can help clear the clutter to quite an extent. 

Here are some storage unit ideas that you can use to keep your kitchen countertops clutter-free. 

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets do both jobs, beautify the kitchen as well as serve multiple functionalities. Depending on the color and vibe of your kitchen, you can purchase hanging baskets made of different materials. These can be used to store fruits, vegetables and much more. 

Multipurpose sink

Your sink can be used for multiple purposes if you buy the right one. Certain sinks and washbasins come with division walls where you can store different things like drying rack, cutting board, garbage bag and much more. This not only saves space but also keeps the area clean and tidy. You can learn additional wet and dry kitchen design ideas by visit this blog.


Kitchen carts have been in use for a long time now. They serve the functionality of storing goods and make the kitchen look more organized. To keep the countertop clean, carts can be installed at different corners of the kitchen to store different items like food items, appliances and others. 

Drawer cum chopping board

This is one of the most modern innovations in the kitchen world. You can design your drawers in a way that it fits the chopping board. This serves a dual function space, which not just contains a chopping board but also provides a small storage unit without disturbing the external space. 

Pantry door 

The pantry unit is a great place to store containers and food items while saving the clutter. If you want to maximize the space, you can also install an external rack on the pantry door. This will give you more space to store items and will also keep the kitchen countertop free from clutter. 

Utensil hanger

Hanging the utensils right above the kitchen countertop can free up the space as well as gives you quick access while cooking. Spoons, spatulas, knives and pans can be hanged with stylish hangers to keep the cooking area organized. 

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