Can You Damage A Concrete Driveway By Pressure Washing It?


Pressure washers are common because they make washing surfaces done by a concrete contractor such as decks, patios, and concrete driveways a breeze. It’s not rocket science to turn on the pressure washer, aim, and pull the trigger. A pressure washer may surely damage your car’s paint job if it’s handled incorrectly, but can it also damage the concrete driveway?

To be honest, if you don’t want to damage your property, you’ll need to learn how to correctly manage the equipment. With a few pointers and measures, you can keep your concrete driveway clean while avoiding damage.

How can pressure washing damage concrete driveway

A pressure washer can harm concrete in a variety of ways. Here are the several ways you may ruin your driveway:

  • Using the pressure washer for the first time
  • Using the wrong nozzle
  • Setting the pressure to high
  • Being too close to the surface when holding the washer
  • Cleaning the same spot for a long time

What makes your driveway prone to damage?

  • The quality of the concrete

Low-quality concrete will have holes in it, allowing water to readily absorb it. When a large amount of water is absorbed into the concrete, it damages and weakens it, resulting in cracking over time.

  • Age 

Pressure washing a recently poured concrete surface for an extended period will impair the bonding of the concrete elements. Pressure washing should be avoided when your concrete is still new to give it time to settle.

  • Exerting too much pressure

A pressure washer’s intense water stream can destroy concrete’s character and produce noticeable water lines. Pressure washers, on the other hand, are adjustable, allowing you to change the water pressure to be milder. Another probable cause of concrete degradation is concentrating pressure in a limited area. Choose a pressure washer nozzle with a greater cleaning angle to spread the intense pressure out over a larger area.

  • How often you wash the driveway

Nobody wants dust, dirt, or grime on their home’s exterior. Cleaning the same surface repeatedly, on the other hand, can weaken it. Cleaning your concrete driveway once a week will increase the likelihood of damage to the concrete. Instead, clean it thoroughly and then wait until the dirt has built up sufficiently before repeating the process.

You’re ready to clean your driveway now that you know the answer to the question: “can you damage a concrete driveway by pressure washing it?”

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