10 Handbag Essentials Every Woman Should Carry in 2022 


2022 is the year of the woman. Below is a list of handbag essentials everyone should carry at all times. It doesn’t matter what the season is, how old you are or where you are heading, these ten items are relevant to every context. 

One: Hand Sanitiser

Having access to soap and water is not always an option, so hand sanitiser to maintain hand hygiene is the next best thing. Stopping the spread of germs is important, so is feeling clean and capable, and there are pocket sized options on the market too, so it won’t take up too much room! A refillable bottle is a good idea, and better for the environment. 

Two: A Mirror

Everyone needs a mirror. If you are having a self-conscious, low self-esteem moment and you just need to check something on your face, then a compact mirror close by is always welcome. 

Three: A Brush

Have you ever walked to work and been blown away by the weather? Wind is the arch enemy of many a perfect hairstyle, and sometimes all you need is a little brush to set things right again. 

Four: Wipes and Tissues

Wipes and tissues are largely practical, and they can be used in a variety of contexts and settings. They are useful for if you are unfortunate enough to spill something on your clothing, wiping down an area before you use it like a public restroom or chair, and if you get a random fit of the sneezes. 

Five: Basic Medical Items

Plasters, painkillers, antiseptic are just three of the essential medical items everyone should carry about with them. You never know when injuries might strike, so it is better to be prepared. Sites like medical-supermarket.com have plenty of options to suit every handbag. 

Six: Period Supplies

Period supplies are tricky to find in the wild, so it’s a sensible shout to have some close by if the need occurs. There are lots of cute accessory bags to keep everything together if you’re worried about things rattling round in the handbag space too. 

Seven: Lip Balm

Dry lips can strike at any time, so be prepared by having some lip balm in your bag. It is one of those essential rehydration products that anyone can feel the benefit of. 

Eight: Reusable Bottle

Do your bit for the environment, hydrate your body and keep a handy reusable water bottle in your bag to help you adopt healthier habits all round. 

Nine: A Power Bank

Having a fully charged phone is useful for too many reasons to count. Not only is it a safety blanket, but it is a boredom curer, essential in an emergency, helpful when you get lost, and more. Make sure you always have access to a charger by simply carrying your own. 

Ten: A Pen

Finally, a pen has lots of practical uses. Phones are great for jotting things down, but a pen is a good backup to have. 

There are tons of products design to facilitate general life and meet basic needs. Handbags are the perfect place to store so many of these options. 

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