This summer, seven helpful bbq grill tips and tricks for outdoor kitchens will keep you cool

bbq grill

Whether you and your family will be enjoying your outdoor kitchen this weekend or you will be hosting a summer gala, it is always useful to have a few barbecuing tips in your back pocket. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for summer grilling, including methods to streamline the process and make the most of the time you spend at the grill.

The marinating process should begin first thing in the morning

By omitting a portion of the preparation stages, you can save time and make grilling a regular summer activity. One of the reasons we continue to delay igniting the bbq grill is that we are not prepared. If you brine or marinate the meat in the morning, you will have a better chance of cooking dinner on the grill in your outdoor kitchen at 5:00 p.m. than if you attempt to start from fresh.

Be sure to lavish your supper guests with praise

The quality of the bun distinguishes a superb burger from one that is extraterrestrial. By brushing the hamburger buns with butter and allowing them to crisp on the barbeque, you can earn a reputation for making truly exceptional hamburgers. Am I successful in making you salivate?

It is possible to broil a wider variety of foods than you might think

The majority of us have preconceived notions about which foods are suitable for grilling and which are not. It is time to abandon what we already know and experiment with something entirely new. As an aperitif, you could have wrapped-in-foil brie or edamame. You could use fire-roasted tomatoes in a salsa. You could have mangoes and pineapple for dessert. Don’t limit yourself to chicken and hamburgers at the braai.

You need only tweezers for this

This one is for you if your outdoor kitchen contains more grilling accessories than there are pyrotechnics on the Fourth of July. Do not make the simple enjoyment of a barbecue more difficult than it already is by bringing an excess of unnecessary cooking accessories. Investing in a pair of exceptionally long and durable utensils will allow you to survive the summer without any additional pleasures.

Before grilling, simmer the meat first

If you wish to grill but are pressed for time, boil the meat before placing it on the griddle. This will ensure the task is completed promptly. The boiling of brine is significantly simpler than it may appear.

Here is what you will need:

  • A cauldron of boiling water
  • One-half cup of sugar
  • A complete measure of salt
  • Smashed garlic that has been removed and crushed
  • Meat

The length of time that you should boil your flesh depends on the dish you are preparing. For example, chicken should boil for about 20 minutes, while beef ribcage should simmer for about 40. After boiling the meat for a few minutes, place it on the grill for a few minutes to give it a flavorful smokiness.

Focus on how much food you want to make rather than the number of people you need to serve when you’re in the kitchen.

The fact that you only obtain four chicken breasts after all of your time and effort spent grilling contributes to the perception that grilling is a difficult task. By preparing enough food for a second or third supper, you can maximize the time you have at the grill. You will find an excellent method to utilize the leftover meat, whether for a chicken Cobb salad for lunch the following day or tacos for dinner the day after that.

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