Tips For Building A Paradise In Your Backyard


Natural light, ventilation, views, and extra space are just some of the advantages of having a patio. It plays a vital role in home design, and there are many benefits to be gained and, if planned well, few of the demands that come with it.

So if you are one of those lucky few to have a backyard and the budget to make your backyard a paradise where you can build unforgettable moments with your family and friends, here are some practical and straightforward ideas ranging from garden games to a pool with a jacuzzi to outdoor kitchen contractors to set up dream barbecues. Let’s get started!

Plan the layout with an overall idea in mind. This allows you to zone the space to achieve visual order and make better use of the surface.

For example, in an extended, narrow patio, the idea would be to balance proportions and nuance the longitudinal effect. Another possibility is to divide it into two levels so that, if you have the highest back, you will give scale to the first quadrant close to the house. Thus, you can create a meeting or dining space integrated into the whole but separated by the slope. 

Protect your privacy. The ideal height for fences or walls surrounding a patio is determined according to parameters that have to do with typology, grade levels, etc. For example, a courtyard of a ground-floor apartment surrounded by buildings is not the same as a townhouse in the suburbs.

However, as a reference, to achieve a space sheltered from view, you would need a height of about 2 meters. To complete a low wall, translucent elements can be used, generally compatible with urban planning regulations. They can be obtained with different wefts, wood strips, lattices, translucent glass, vegetation, etc.

If you can build a pool, the first step is to find the right location, i.e., look for the sunniest place in your yard. Once you have found the place, comes the earthwork and marking the pool’s outline, then move on to the concrete pouring stage. The metal mesh we see in the picture will help create a solid reinforced concrete structure.

An outdoor kitchen is a great way to enjoy the good weather and make the most of the terrace or garden.

What outdoor kitchen contractors recommend as ideal is to design a simple outdoor kitchen with the essentials, so you don’t have to go indoors. For example, it is convenient to have a cooking area, a storage area, a preparation area, and a washing area. Before setting up the kitchen, talk to professional outdoor kitchen contractors and ensure you have what you need to set it up, such as plumbing, smoke outlets, light sockets, and electrical appliances.

Outdoor kitchens can be more or less exposed to climate changes depending on their location, so it is advisable to use a minimum of protection in the materials we use. The recommended fabrics are:

  • high-density polyethylene
  • stainless steel
  • treated wood, it works better when it is protected in a roofed area or a pergola.
  • On-site kitchen 

By hiring the right professionals for each stage of your residential yard work milwaukee, you can get a wide range of services, from design to execution, including the creation of the pool, pergolas, terraces, and kitchens and completing the territory around it. In addition, the professionals are specialists in finding the decor that goes best with your garden, according to your home’s style and needs.

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