The Importance of Having the Best Pool Supplies in Canada


Canada is a great place to live, and it is always fun to have a pool at home. It is important, however, to make sure that you use the best pool supplies in Canada in order to take care of your pool properly.

A pool is a great investment for your home, but it can also be quite expensive if you do not take care of it properly. You need the right equipment and chemicals so that you can keep your pools clean and safe for everyone who uses them. There are many different types of pools out there, and each one needs different types of equipment to keep them clean and in working order.

Why Do You Need Pool Supplies?

Pool supplies can be used for many different things. For example, they can be used to keep your pH balanced so that your water is safe for swimming. They can also be used to keep your filter system working properly, which is vital for keeping the water clean and clear.

It’s important to remember that if you don’t use the right pool supplies, then it could lead to serious problems down the line. Here are some of the many benefits of having the best pool supplies in Canada:

1. Safety

Pool safety is the most important reason to have the best pool supplies. Pool safety covers everything from keeping your children safe around the water to ensuring that they are not injured by falling into the pool. Safety equipment such as lifejackets, floatation devices and alarms can help prevent accidents and keep your family safe around the water.

2. Convenience

Pool supplies can make your life easier when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your pool. The best pool supplies will help you clean your filter or pump more easily so that you don’t have to spend all day scrubbing at them with a brush or toothbrush! Also, automatic cleaners can keep your water sparkling clean without any effort on your part!

3. Reliability

Having an entire system in place means that there are fewer chances for accidents or problems with the setup itself. This means less time spent fixing things and more time enjoying your pool!

4. Family Fun

A good set of supplies can make it possible for the whole family to enjoy their backyard water park together! Whether it’s playing on the diving board or splashing around in the shallow end, this is sure to become a favorite activity for everyone!

5. Affordable

If you have ever shopped for pool supplies, then you know that they are not always cheap. However, when you shop at a reliable source like SwimWays, you will find that they offer many affordable options. You can get all your essentials at great prices without sacrificing quality or performance.

6. Saves Time & Money On Maintenance

With the right products, all you have to do is add them each week when you clean the pool and then test the water every couple of days or weeks as needed for balance. You won’t have to spend time scrubbing or shocking the water manually because everything will happen automatically!

7. What Should I Buy?

There are many different types of Pool Supplies in Canada that are available on the market today, but there are some basics that every pool owner should have:

8. Pool Chemicals

Chemicals play a huge role in keeping a pool clean, safe and balanced. The chemicals we use are chlorine, bromine and muriatic acid. Chlorine is what kills bacteria and algae in the water, while bromine helps prevent algae growth. Muriatic acid helps remove iron stains from your plaster or vinyl liner by removing metals from the water through oxidation.

9. Chlorine Shock

When chlorine is added to water, it turns into hypochlorous acid, which kills bacteria and other microorganisms. But when it mixes with organic matter, such as dirt or leaves, it becomes inactive. Pool shock can bring back the effectiveness of the chlorine in your pool.

10. Phosphate Remover

Phosphates are naturally occurring substances found in all types of plant life, including grass and algae. When they get into the pool, they promote algae growth, which can be unsightly and hard to control. A phosphate remover will eliminate phosphates from the water so that algae doesn’t form.

11. Pesticide

Pesticides kill bugs and rodents that may be in or near your pool area. They also prevent unwanted guests from coming back after you’ve removed them once already!

12. Safety Gear

A good pair of goggles is essential if you want to protect yourself from accidentally swallowing water while swimming. Goggles also protect your eyes from UV rays which can damage them over time if exposed too long without protection.

13. Test kits

Test kits help you keep track of the chemical balance in your pool, which is important because it can affect how clean your water looks and feels, as well as how safe it is for swimmers to use. You should test the water every week or two, depending on how much use the pool gets during that time period.


Pool supplies are a big deal, especially in a country known for its love of water. If a pool is not treated properly and maintained properly, it could turn into a very busy health center. Using the best pool supplies in Canada can ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

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