What an electrician can do for a commercial and residential property  



Electricians have a range of roles to play all to do with electrical systems, designs, installations and repairs on any kind of property. If you are in a house you would look for a residential electrician near me. It is important to use an electrician as all electrics should be done to the proper building regulations and codes.

Testing and certifying electrical installations

One role an electrician has is to make sure electrical systems in a home or business are safe. Over specific periods they come and test around the property looking for signs of deterioration and where relevant, to bring the systems back up to code.

Wiring and cabling

Especially with older properties the cabling and wiring can become worn, frayed and dangerous even. An electrician Bondi will carry out rewiring, and make the property safe to live or work in. Ignoring old wiring leads to old properties burning down from fires, and causes electrical shocks. Some reasons you might need to have an electrician come and handle rewiring include finding green residue on some wiring, replacing dangerous switches in the bathroom, having black rubber cables, and having sockets that take round pins or ones that are in the skirting, having cotton covered wiring.


Another way an electrician can ensure you are safe is to offer fuse board and box upgrades. The more modern options have more safety devices on them such as RCBOs, RCDs and MCBs. An electrician can offer you work that upgrades your older less safe current board to something that boosts your safety and the safety of your property. They can also handle adding the new wiring and connections for if you have a conservatory, extension or such.

Light installation

You might need an emergency electrician near me if you need lights installed, either inside or outside the property. Not only can lights allow people to see and walk safely, but they also add to the look of the property when they are carefully designed. You can also talk to them about energy-saving options so you can pay less and help the environment. Security lighting is a part of this, when a property lights up if someone comes close that is a deterrent to people thinking of breaking in or committing some other crime.

Installing security systems

As well as installing security lights an electrician Bondi can also help with installing a commercial or home security system. Different properties have different needs and specs and a good electrician can help come up with an installation plan that meets those needs. The costs can vary and as the installation grows in size and complexity so does the cost go up. But if you are working on a budget even the most basic security system offers you some protection. A part of that safety might include a door entry system such as you find in hotels or apartment buildings. CCTV and sudio security can be added of wanted.





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