Protecting Your Home Against Cracks & Leaks


Properties make good investments but the area that most overlook is the upkeep and maintenance. There is a lot that needs to be regularly monitored and taken care of frequently to prevent expensive issues from taking place later (issues such as cracks and leaks). Here is some guidance from a foundation solutions supplier.

Water Your Foundations

While you may be tempted to think the opposite, moisture can help you to protect your property. During the summer months when the temperature climbs and there is little rainfall, your property’s foundations are at risk of cracking. To protect them, you can add a little water down the sides, and you should find that it keeps the ground below intact.

Keep An Eye

With weathering, cracks are bound to form and widen. It is much easier and cost effective to treat these whilst they are small as opposed to when they enlarge and break. If you suspect that your windows, seals, or bricks may be cracking, have a look around your property and draw up a list so that you can find the most cost-effective way of closing them. For a window ledge that may be some caulk.

Leaking Roof

The same can be done for roof tiles. An investigation can help you to see if there are any cracks and replace them before any leaking starts/continues. For this you will need to get up on the roof. If it’s something that you’re not particularly comfortable with doing, you should look into hiring a concrete foundation contractor riverside ca to carry out an assessment and do the work for you.


The ground is one that you shouldn’t forget about either. If the water on the grounds of your property pools, it can make its way into the foundations and create serious issues.


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