How Will You Choose Right Type of Carpet for Your Home?



While selecting a new carpet meant for your bedroom with right kind of colour may always be too easy. Although, you may really love certain colour, but whether that will suit your space is a big question. In order to choose right kind of carpet it is better to find carpet fitters at

Besides just colour, you also need to consider the fibre, while selecting carpet for the bedroom. Certainly, you will like to have a carpet in the bedroom, which is not only luxurious but also a treat for your eyes and feet. 

There are many different carpet types that may look quite similar, but understanding their basic differences can always help you to make right choice meant for your home. Following are few ways you can decide the right carpet for your home.

  1. Know which material used for carpet?

While choosing right carpet for your home, you must consider the texture, appearance of the carpet and also your own lifestyle to select, which carpet material to go with. You have following few choices: 

  • Wool 

Woollen carpets are warm, luxurious with long-lasting beauty, which has stood test of time. They are natural stain resistant and can release soil better than any other type of fibre however you need to clean immediately if it ever gets stained. 

  • Nylon

In Australian homes, nylon carpets are very popular because of ultra-soft, stain resistant and durability, it is ideal for any high-traffic areas and families having pets.

  • Solution dyed nylon

It is nylon’s next generation and has colours added in the fibre while producing rather than afterwards.

  • Polypropylene

It is synthetic fibre and is great option for those working to budget. It has got anti-static, stain and fade resistant property. 

  • Polyester 

It is widely preferred for its very lustrous look and beautiful colours. It is also highly stain-resistant and also most eco-friendly type of synthetic fibres. It is also another budget-driven renovation. Check For wood floor refinishing Long Island.

  • Triexta

It is the latest development and made from 37% of renewably sourced polymer, which is derived from corn sugar. It is stain-resistant and you can clean it with cold water only.

  1. Which carpets are more durable?

You must learn more about technological advancement that has arrived in the carpet industries. People earlier considered only pure wool carpet as quality carpet as far as durability was concerned. 

However nowadays, even synthetic carpet fibres also give a tough competition to woollen carpets, as they too are designed by using excellent stain with various soil resistant properties.

  1. How often carpet need to be changed?

You should consider about changing your carpet when it has already reached to the condition where it has become trip/slip hazard. Besides that, usually a carpet may last for many years if you take regular maintenance and care.

With proper understanding about various types of carpets that are available in the market and also knowing which will suit the best for your home, you can make a better choice.

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