What Flowers to Give on Valentines?


Valentine is coming and still thinking about Valentine’s gift? The best answer, which is pretty right and the most frequently found on the internet, is flowers. Nothing better than a bouquet of fresh flowers from a same day flower delivery service.

Talk about valentine’s day in Singapore. There are so many things to do to celebrate valentine. Tourism comes only to celebrate valentine’s cause it is a very special day and full of love and valentine’s vibes in every corner of the place we know. The center of attention we found is that many couples celebrate it.

Is valentine only for couples? Surely, no. Valentine is for anybody who can love. You can love your best friend, sibling, family, neighbor, and pets. Just because love is identical to a couple, we do not always be a couple though we always love deep inside.

As we discuss in the beginning, everybody we love deserves flowers for valentine’s gift. Apart from this, we would like to give some advice about Valentine’s day flowers Singapore. Here is the list:

  1. Rose

Nobody does remember rose when it turns a valentine. Red on Valentine is because of the red rose that symbolizes love, so everybody uses it on valentine. But a red rose wrapped in a transparent plastic bouquet looks too old and boring. Vary it. Thus it would be magnificent than a red rose inside the plastic.

You could find four fresh red roses to fill your bouquet. To increase your bouquet color, you need to add much of the baby’s breath. In addition to this do not forget the lovely ribbon with a different color. Do not mix the red with any soft color. The impression could become unclear.

Pink roses with the stem, as many as an even number like eight, ten, or even twelve perhaps would be more lovely when we put it inside the vase. If you get to put it on a ceramic vase, be sure it has an ivory color, and you do not need the leaves. Alternatively, let the leaves on the stem and place it into the glass vase.

Red and white roses got to impress how deep and holy your love is. You could décor it inside the love box neatly. Place the red rose outside and the white one inside. Of course, you always need the ribbon outside the box and don’t forget your love letter.

  1. Lily

Lily symbolizes the purity of love. It probably could replace white roses. You could use a bouquet which is dominant in big white lilies. You only need to add three to four pink little roses and baby’s breath. Let the leaves in. Looks pure and holy as well as fancy.

A bouquet of white lily will always be suitable with small vivid flowers as an addition. You will see the impression of a fancy bouquet with the right warp. Use the golden ribbon to warp it. Little red roses add white lily, and nothing can match its luxury.

Do not forget the lovely pink lily. It could be lovely and fresh inside the vase, but if you put it on the vase, let greenery in. Different from the bouquet, use the flower and stem only. Tie it only using a white ribbon. But the dark warp inside the white ribbon will be appropriate too.  

  1. Carnation

What thing is bushier than a rose? It is a carnation. It has various pretty colors. Carnation is suitable if you want to give your parents flowers. It is sweet to bring a bouquet full of pink and purple carnations. To make it a fresh look, baby jasmine suits. In case you want it to look cute, use the baby’s breath instead of the jasmine.

You would want to give your best friend a whole bouquet of carnation. Why? Because red carnation symbolizes friendship. Warp several red carnations using soft color. It will look cute but full of love.

To confess your feelings on valentine’s day, use carnation instead of a rose. It would be best to find a mix of red and pink carnation. That is matched with the color of valentine. The color of love that you might get a nice impression cause it does not look boring with no roses.

  1. Tulips

The variety of blue tulips has a pretty color. It is bright yet lovely. Use the bouquet of blue tulips as a valentine’s gift to your husband or father. It perhaps melts her heart. Write a greeting card about how much you love them. It sounds sweet but cool.

Everything’s white is the meaning of pure love. A bouquet full of white tulips is pretty magnificent. Add the baby’s breath because it white. The special one will accept it with a tummy full of the butterfly inside.

The last o tulip, who does not know this, an even number of pink tulips. Just place them into the vase, the glass vase, if any. It would bloom the valentines. Tie a big pink ribbon along with a greeting card to impress your love.

  1. Sunflower

This probably would look sweet. People will imagine the yellow of a sunflower. Yet the same with valentine’s, people will only imagine the love couples. Two things that make the valentine and sunflower similar, they thought the old.

You can use sunflower as a valentine gift cause valentine is not always about red, and sunflower is not always yellow. Although the yellow of sunflower still can be used as a valentine gift. Do a bouquet of a few sunflowers as a valentine’s gift to your neighbor or friends.

Several sunflowers wrapped very cutely to be a bouquet. Add some of the baby’s breath inside and let the leaves there. Don’t forget a similar ribbon. If you still want red instead of yellow, you can find the red of sunflowers because they have many colors.

The risk is that the bouquet will be pretty big cause the sunflower is a big flower. It is better to place it with the vase’s stem to make it simple.

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