Top 5 Exciting Things to Do in Semarang, Indonesia


Semarang, the thriving capital of Central Java, is one of the country’s main trading centers bustling with new industrial property, dynamic markets, and a crowded harbor. Furthermore, Semarang also has lots of tourist spots that are amazing to visit. Suppose you plan a trip to Semarang soon, below is a list of the best things to do in Semarang that can be your reference.

  1. Central Java Grand Mosque (Masjid Agung Semarang)

The Central Java Grand Mosque, also known as Masjid Agung Semarang, is an important, if not the latest and beautiful of the mosques in central Java. With a lovely spacious plaza in the center of the mosque and massive giant umbrellas used for prayer. There is also a tower, should you take the elevator to the very best, you will get 360-degree views over the town. The mosque is fantastic to see from the day but also appears just as magnificent at night!

  1. Lawang Sewu Building

Lawang Sewu Building is an old building with a genuinely fantastic architecture! Not just that, but include the history of the landmark building that was built for the quarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company, along with the fact that it appears to become just one of Indonesia’s most famous buildings. You have a building that earns a visit! A structure with a million doors and windows galore!

  1. Semarang Marketplace

The Semarang Marketplace looks like a charming market to visit! Scout out a number of the local markets located around town. It is the best method to learn about their culture, find out what they eat, and find out what creating is significant to them!

If you are after some genuinely delightful food, then make sure that you head out into the Semawis Market. You will see plenty of little food stall vendors preparing some yummy darkened meals for you; sate ayam, mie goreng, nasi goreng, and much more!

  1. Pagoda Avalokitesvara

Pagoda Avalokitesvara is an exciting place to visit. There are two constructions here, the prayer hall as well as the little Pagoda. Again the architecture of this Pagoda is merely beautiful! The colors and detail are only something to watch yourself! The entry is entirely free. While your visit here won’t continue long, the serene atmosphere would be worth the escape from the hectic town.

  1. Tay Kak Sie Temple

The Tay Kak Sie Temple is a Gorgeous little Chinese Temple. You will like the Chinese structure’s detail, and you may always find something new if you keep looking! If you’re keen, you might prefer to try your fortune by vibration several piles of bamboos inside a bamboo pot. The specific number of dropped bamboo out of the pot will signify your life’s future forecast. You can match the quantity and check it from the clarified paragraph newspaper. You might request the temple keeper to interpret it to you. The temple features a beautiful, peaceful vibe to it, and you’ll frequently see people engaging in worship here.

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