Subtle Design Tricks that Your Home Needs


If you have recently started to look around your home and feel dissatisfied with how it looks, you’re not alone. With social media making it easier than ever to compare your home to the homes of the rich and famous, it’s no wonder that you feel a desire to make a change. It’s important to acknowledge that money isn’t necessarily the answer to your problems and that the people on social media whose homes you admire may have simply staged their appealing photos to make their homes appear more enviable. Transforming your home into an unattainable social media dream won’t make you happy but learning a few design tricks and taking time to improve your home can help to make you feel more positive about where you live.

How You Arrange Your Furniture Makes a Difference

You don’t have to rush out to the nearest furniture store or start ordering boxes full of homeware as soon as you begin to feel less than satisfied with the current state of your home. What you already own could be enough to make your space feel new and refreshed if you simply rearrange the room. Improved flow and a better layout can make a familiar space feel exciting and different but still homey and welcoming.

The Art of Good Lighting

Better lighting in your rooms can make what you already have look much more appealing. Perhaps you never truly liked that chest of drawers, but maybe with a standing lamp to cast a soft shadow or bring out the hue of the wood you can start to appreciate it more. Think about the purpose of a room before lighting it. Do you want to create a space for energy and focus? Use bright and numerous lights for this effect. Do you want a soft, welcoming, sleepy atmosphere? A few smaller and dimmer lights will help you to achieve this type of ambience.

Often Overlooked Details

Sometimes if you look at a person’s social media portrayal of their home, the details that make it appealing overall are not what you’d expect. For example, a seemingly simple photograph of someone’s living room might be compelling because each element of the room is thoughtful and put together, regardless of each item’s price tag. Even details such as the flooring you choose can elevate everything else in a room. Visit for inspiration. When you start to pay attention to the smaller details, you quickly learn how to tweak your home in such a way that it slowly but surely blooms into something you can be proud of.

Secondhand Furniture Adds Depth and Interest

If you truly must buy some new furniture to improve your home, consider secondhand items. Not only are they more affordable but they come with a history which can give a room more intrigue. Buying secondhand also helps to soften the blow on the environment. You never know what unique treasures you might find at your local antique store or thrift shop.

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