Know the Signs to Replace Your Air Conditioner


Many a time, the air conditioner requires maintenance as well as replacement. It is very important to know when to do ac replacement asheboro nc. There may be several signs such as malfunctioning, low air quality, absurd sounds, etc. Such signs which point to the replacement of the air conditioner are explained below.

Cold Air is No More Available

When the cold air is not coming out of the air conditioner, it is a clear hint that it is malfunctioning and needs an immediate replacement. Repairing may be another option but it is not always effective.

Resisted Air Flow

Though the air conditioner is producing cold air it is getting restricted at times. The flow is not even and also irregular. In this case, instead of repairing, the option should be replacement because repairing can be very expensive.

Damp Unit

If there is an excessive amount of water leakage from the air conditioner unit, the time has come to replace it. This may happen due to the condensation factor near the air conditioner and the stagnation of water or heavy amounts of moisture can be dangerous and has high-risk issues for the people around it.

Absurd Sounds from the Unit

There are several small types of machinery inside an air conditioner unit. Due to long hours of work, it may start malfunctioning and create absurd sounds of squeaking and squealing. In this case, a technician should be immediately notified as these can also pose a risk.

The Thermostat is Malfunctioning

Due to the malfunctioning of the thermostat, the cold air does not get distributed evenly. This should be looked into with the utmost attention. The best solution to this is to replace the unit instead of repetitive repairs.

It is Old

Electrical goods including air conditioners have a certain lifespan in which they can work to their full potential which is generally around 10-12 years. After this period, the unit should be completely replaced with a new setup or different problems may start arising along with breaking down of the entire unit.

The Unit Breaks Down Frequently

If the air conditioning units break down frequently or need a repair more often, then it should be replaced with a new unit to avoid constant expenditure.

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