How To Select The Best Size Humidor


Humidors come in various shapes and sizes, so it is vital that you decide on the one which can accommodate your present or prospective selection of cigars. If you select a humidor that’s smaller or bigger than your own requirements, you might undermine its capacity to keep the right humidity and temperature levels, thus negatively effecting the state of your cigars. Check out for some examples of how it should be done.

If your humidor is a bit on the small side, your cigars might become packed together which could in turn influence air flow and consistency whereby the cigars absorb too much moisture such that there might not be adequate levels of humidity to keep all your cigars in perfect condition. On the other hand, in the case that a humidor is too big, there might be a lot of humidity made for just a few of cigars, leading to cigars becoming too moist.

The aesthetic appeal of humidors in addition to their large selection of design options, means you could put them anywhere in your house and be certain that they can fit your interior or furniture layout and look great at all times. A humidor ought to be selected according to your own present or prospective needs, so take into consideration how many cigars you intend on getting at precisely the exact same time prior to making a buy.

Know How to Establish a High-Quality Humidor
Not any humidor is going to do. You need something which could provide you with the reassurance of knowing that the cigars are securely stored in any way times, not something which will hurt them in the long term. The very first thing you should take a good look at is the seal. A fantastic humidor must shut tightly, so as to stop air, dirt and dust from getting into the box. Your humidor also has to keep the correct humidity and temperature levels. Additionally, avoid low rates, as that is often a sign of premium quality. Quality humidors are made to last a lengthy time, so in the event that you decide on a poor one, you might need to replace it in a couple weeks or months, and then replace your cigars with it also.

Pick the Suitable Material
It is just as important to think of the array of different materials available that your humidor can come in before buying it. Humidors can be reached from a huge variety of woods such as teak, cedar, walnut and walnut. Knowing which to select means understanding each type which is connected to the humidor’s capability to keep temperature and humidity. Cedar, which makes up most of the Hillwood Black Piano humidor, is among the greatest kinds of Humidor wood. Every cigar enthusiast knows their cigars need to be correctly kept in a humidor, but picking the best one can be hard noting the various elements to take into account. Good luck!

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