A Small Guide To Use The Paint Remover


When it comes to home decor, we want our home to look spic and span all the time. Paints on the walls and other surfaces are essential aspects of home decor. They put the first impression on the person who enters the house. If you are planning to repaint your home, you need to know that the old paint should be removed entirely so that the new paint looks more beautiful. Color stripping liquid (น้ำยา ลอก สี, which is the term in Thai) is one of the best solutions other than scrapping the surface to remove the old paint. It is a remover that allows you to enhance the new look of your home.

About Paint Remover

Paint remover is basically a chemical liquid paint stripper. Its texture is pasty, and its color is colorless. Whenever you open it, you may experience a slight odor from it. It contains harmful chemicals; therefore, having direct contact with it is risky.

This liquid removes the previous paint from the wall or other surfaces. Applying the color-stripping liquid to the original color softens the previous color, making peeling it off from the surface easy.

The paint-removing liquid removes the original paint from the surface and keeps it undamaged and smooth. This liquid can be used on plaster, concrete, glass, metal, and other surfaces.

Importance Of Removing Old Paint

It is essential to remove old paint from the surface before repainting it. Applying the new paint on the old one may not give you the desired smooth final look of the paint. As a result, the surface needs to be more smooth and smooth.

Precautions Before Using The Paint Remover

Before using the paint remover liquid, taking some preventive measures is essential otherwise, it may affect your health badly. Ensure you have worn good hand gloves before handling the paint remover.

While applying the paint, it may splash into your eyes. Therefore, remember to wear glasses before using the paint-removing liquid. It would be best if you do not smoke when using the stripping liquid and do not let children handle it.

Suppose, in any case, the color-removing liquid comes in contact with your eyes or skin; rinse immediately with clean water. Take healthcare advice if needed.


Before you start applying the liquid on the surface, ensure that you keep all the things handy. Wear your gloves and glasses, and then only remove the color-removing paint from the gallon. It will help you avoid accidents during the paint removal process.

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