To Prevent Kids from Cancer at Early Ages, Skip This Food for Them!

McDonalds, Burger King and other fast foods are all around us. They are famous, but unhealthy. All foods are hazardous and unhealthy, but one specifically makes more issues than the rest – hot dogs.

This is a popular food, cheap, tasty and in all corners of streets or restaurants. An average person will eat one per day, and all parents feed their kids with this. As to recent studies this food is common and makes cancer in kids!

Items used are not natural as makers claim and are mix of bones, skin, fat and pork meats, chemicals and toxins. They have nitrites, cause for health issues.

The Hawaii university made a study where it said those who eat hot dogs have 77% more risk of pancreas cancer. So this has to be avoided by all of us, not just kids.


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