The hit of AC / DC helps in the treatment of cancer! (VIDEO)

Scientists confirmed a beneficial effect of the famous song.

Classic hard rock band AC / DC “Thunderstruck” enhances the effect of drugs intended for the fight against cancer, Australian scientists have discovered that they let the hit from 1990 play, in order to “forced” medical particles that leap to be able to overlay the plasma membrane helps them last longer in the human body.

acdcBefore this technique was discovered, only one side of the particles could be coated, causing that camptothecin matter quickly decays in the human body.

Professor at the University of South Australia Niko Voelker confirmed the content of the paper published in February. “Normally, the coating is formed only on one side of the particle is exposed to that. But, the other side will not be covered. We came up with the idea to use the speakers,” he said.

– Loudspeakers to create a vibration of the particles bouncing up and down. Chaotic frequencies functioned well, which resulted in better coating particles – he added.

In this paper, Voelker’s team said that coatings such as teflon achieved tumbling particles while playing AC / DC ‘s song “Thunderstruck”. Completely coating resulted in an obviously slower release of the drug. Voelker believes that this process could have applications in the manufacture of many other drugs.

According to a study from 2011 conducted by American scientists led by scientist Matt Weller, great white sharks prefer AC / DC and his lyrical song “You Shook Me All Night Long”. They conducted research in the southern part of Australia and based on observations and notes come to the conclusion that the group AC / DC, or more precisely, their rock music calms large sharks.