Teacher Shocked By Student’s Note Left On His Desk. What It Says Has Him Fighting Back Tears.

Being a teacher is an incredibly hard and courageous job and it often goes overlooked. Markus and Mr. J are the living proof of how teachers can have such a beautiful impact on their children.

   Twitter user Mainey Maine is a fifth-grade teacher in a primary school and simply goes by Mr. J. One day, Mr. J walked into his classroom and found a handwritten letter on his class desk. One of his pupils wrote the note, and he had a very tough time keeping it dry.
The very powerful note from his student Markus is just an example of how teachers inspire, help and provide love and support for millions of children every school day.

The note reads:

“Thank you for being a[n] awesome teacher and for being amazing! This school year was so fun and I enjoyed it because of you. I wish more teachers was like you. I will never forget you.
I look at you like my Dad. I never met my real Dad but it okay because you treat me like I’m your son. You make me so happy. Always feeding me when I am hungry and hug me when I am sad. I will never forget you Mr. J. I love you and I will never forget about you!
Love Markus”

Aside from the retweets and likes, Mr. J has also received countless of heartwarming responses in support. He received tweets from fellow teachers, thankful parents who simply want him to know that teachers are being appreciated, and people who are very clearly moved by Markus’s message.