Sensational discovery: Say goodbye to braces, here’s how new teeth grow within 9 weeks!

Discovery dr. Jeremy Mao of Columbia University, in all likelihood, is a new sensation and revolutionary discovery in medicine, especially in dentistry. He recently published the results of their research of growing teeth.

He discovered something incredible. With the help of scaffolding for teeth which contains stem cells from the body, using his DNA, he was able to regenerate new teeth.

With the help of stem cells dr. Mao from the United States contends that the new teeth grow for 45 days.

The discovery of modern technology promises a bright future in dentistry and humanity in general. Modern technology and methods of dr. Mao gives a chance to grow new teeth within a period of nine weeks.

– Recovery of extracted teeth takes exactly nine weeks. The device – scaffolding for teeth with stem cells should be placed on areas where there are no teeth. In the first stage the body should get used to it, then take the cells, and then regenerate the tooth root.

Simply, the stem cells of your body are used to replace missing teeth. Then, the tooth becomes one with the surrounding tissue. It’s that simple. This will improve the regeneration process, and it will result in a fairly quick recovery – explains dr. Jeremy Mao of Columbia University.