Science Explains That Women NEED MORE SLEEP Than Men – Their Brains Work Harder!

Scientists have confirmed that the female brain is more complex than the male one, which suggests that women need more sleep than men.

Numerous researches have pointed out why sleeping is important, and in this article we present you with a specific explanation on the importance of sleeping.

Some authors explain how for females, poor sleep leads to high levels of psychological distress and an increased feeling of depression, hostility, and anger.

The same feelings were not linked with the same degree of sleep deficiency in males.

Among the major functions of sleeping is to enable the brain to recover and repair itself from the all the activities during the day.

While you’re in a state of deep sleep, the human cortex – the part of your brain which is responsible for thought, memory, language etc. – disengages from your senses and switches to a state of “recovery mode”

Women Require More Than Eight Hours Of Sleep!

Of course, we all know that it is highly recommended we sleep for at least eight hours, and usually a period of seven hours is sufficient, but health experts explain how the female brain is more complex and wired differently from the male one, so their need for sleep is a bit greater.

The average difference is twenty minutes more, but some females may require slightly more or less than that.

What Makes The Female Brain More Complex?

Unlike men, women are used to perform multi-tasking, thus exposing their brains to more exhausting activities. The more we use our brain during the day, the more it needs time to recover, and as a result, the more sleep we need.

They perform more at once and are more flexible than men, so consequently they use more of their brain than men do.

As a result, the female brain needs more time to fully recover, and of course, sleeping is the best possible way to achieve that.

What About Wit Tired Men?

Experts explain that a man who has a job that involves lateral thinking or decision-making needs more sleep than an average male, but this amount of sleep is still less than an average female.

How Can You Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep?

There are many ways how you can get a good night’s sleep. Yet, bear in mind that the following tips may not work for all of you, because each individual is different. It is up to you to try each of them, and pick the most suitable for you.

Routine Sleep

Set yourself a sleep routine, so your brain recognizes when it needs to slow down and relax. This way you will have a much better sleep at night.

Avoid Foods With Stimulating Effect

Some foods have a stimulating effect, so you need to avoid eating these before going to bed. Those foods involve coffee with the caffeine in it, cacao or chocolate because of the theobromine in them, and sugar.

These stimulants influence your night sleep, and oftentimes result with insomnia.

Make Meditation Your Daily Routine

The female brain works non-stop, which is the reason why many women have difficulties falling asleep. Meditation can help you a lot, because it aids the brain to settle and get in a state of deep relaxation.

Practice Yoga

The yoga poses prepare your body to have a good rest, so practicing yoga is often suggested to persons suffering from insomnia.


Medical experts agree that the hormone melatonin is crucial for a better sleep. Doses of 1-3 mg of melatonin work best, preferably one hour before going to bed.