Raw Chocolate: THE Healthiest Food On The Planet?

  What is raw chocolate really? Some people don’t know exactly what it means and while it seems like a simple thing, it can be much more complicated than that. Leading to plenty of needless confusion and sometimes even buying the wrong thing when you or someone else go to the supermarket to try the superfood out. We’d like to give you the full-facts, no fluffy cotton candy version of what raw chocolate really is and how it can help you and your loved ones a great deal. So read on, dear reader!

Exactly WHAT is Raw Chocolate?

To put it simply, raw chocolate is just chocolate that HAS NOT been processed, this is the difference between cacao and cocoa the latter will always have been processed more than it’s more natural counterpart, seeing as cacao hasn’t been processed EVER.

No shocker here, any of the chocolate bars, chocolate sauce and pretty much any other mainstream chocolate-related product on the market, use cocoa unfortunately. So, unless it says that it 100% uses cacao and ZERO cocoa, just assume it’s cocoa and you’d be WAY better off eating something with cacao in it instead, it’s just so much healthier than cocoa.

These colorful pods (image for reference) are grown in a number of places and literally millions of tonnes are produced each and every year… Here are some exact numbers from Wikipedia.

“4.585 million tonnes of cocoa beans were produced in the 2013–2014 growing year, which runs from October to September. Of this total, African nations produced 3.014 million tonnes (65.75%), Asia and Oceania produced 0.849 million tonnes (18.52%), and the Americas produced 0.721 million tonnes (15.73%). Two African nations, Ivory Coast and Ghana, produce almost half of the world’s cocoa, with 1.448 and 0.835 million tonnes, respectively (31.6% and 18.22%, respectively).

Now, you’ll get what you’ve all been been waiting for, the health benefits…

Here Are Just TWO of The Amazing Health Benefits of Raw Chocolate, ENJOY!

May Reduce Risk of Cancer

Yup, you read that right… Raw chocolate is super rich in antioxidants, which are believed to have a hand in inhibiting cancer cell growth.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

High cholesterol… Definitely not something you wanna have, yet it’s something that many, many people have and it’s also something that nearly EVERYONE knows someone who has it. High cholesterol has been linked to, as most know, increased levels in your blood pressure as well as heart problems and other nasty problems in the body, all easily avoidable if you consume more of cacao, namely the super-duper awesome healthy fats found in raw chocolate.