Press these points and get rid of back pain

Modern medicine can solve many health problems, but in case of some chronic ailments like back pain and joints, it is impossible to recover without tablets. Fortunately traditional medicine which includes the ancient Chinese method of acupuncture, can help a lot in case of these chronic ailments.

tackaAcupuncture is learning about meridian energy that comes from our body and affects its functions. Disruption in the flow of energy through the meridians eventually leads to disease of the organs but also affected organ can be treated by establishing a proper course through energy through the meridians.

Establishing the correct course is done by stimulation of specific points on the body. Depending on whether stimulus is done with pins or the points are simply pressed and massaged, it is acupuncture or acupressure.

So for acupuncture we need needles and great knowledge, but acupressure or massage of the points, can be performed by everyone without any training. Just need to know the points.

When it comes to back pain, hips and joints, we find a few points with which you can massage and relieve the symptoms, and with regular stimulation even completely remove the pain.

The real point is GB29 and the bottom of the pelvis and thigh bones. With its stimulation will solve the pains in the hips at all. Combined with points GB30 found little lower and back on the buttocks with the back end of the pelvic bone, get rid of pain in the lower back, ankles, hips and shoulders.

B54 point is located behind the knee, and it helps with sore hips in the lower back, but with emphasis on muscle relaxation. Stimulate all three points regularly and you will surely get rid of back pain and joint pain.