Old Russian recipe that prevents veins clogging and heart attack!

When the arteries that provide blood flow to all vital organs are clogged due to fat or cholesterol it can be very dangerous. The heart tries to pump more blood so the organs get sufficient amount. This can cause a heart attack or even death.


  • 30 cloves of garlic
  • 6 lemons
  • 2l of water


Blend all the ingredients and cook with 2 liters of water. Leave for about 5 minutes to boil.

You should drink 50 ml every day for three weeks.

Repeat the treatment every 6 months.

Source: http://www.narodnamedicina.info/index.php/2016/04/16/pucat-cete-od-zdravlja-stari-ruski-recept-koji-ne-dozvoljava-zakrcenje-vena-i-srcani-udar/