My neighbor told me how to remove stubborn dirt stains on the bathtubs and showers using only THIS…

This is an ingenious trick that will help you to remove the most stubborn dirt with bathtubs and showers.

To clean the tub, sprinkle it with a borax and brush lightly with a damp brush. The stubborn dirt is the easiest to remove in this way. You can use it for bottom showers, but for the doors you need something else.

bathUse the usual cooking oil. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray onto a well-door shower stalls, leave some time to act, wipe, and pick up the excess fat with old towel. This will slow down the accumulation of dirt and soap.

However, most people have an opinion that the mixture of dishwashing detergent and vinegar is the most effective (in the ratio 1: 1), especially for glass surfaces, but also for almost all other surfaces, except for marble.

Heat the vinegar to be hot and then mix the detergent for dishes, shake well and you’ve got a powerful cleaning agent. With it you can clean the bathroom, sink, tiles… Simply spray, leave on for 10 minutes and wipe.