She mixed the peel of oranges and vinegar! When you see what she got, you will constantly use it! (VIDEO)

All housewives know that one of the ‘missions impossible’ is scrubbing the oven. Whatever the chemicals you use, you will always have to ‘use force’ and scrubbing like crazy, so that all dirt and fat would be removed.

ovenHowever, there is one trick that will help you, and it comes to you right from the kitchen.

All you need are following ingredients:

  • orange,
  • vinegar and
  • soda

Put the bark of oranges in a jar and pour vinegar. Leave it to stay for five days, and then seep liquid. Sprinkle baking soda to the oven, and sprinkle it over with the resulting liquid. Wait 20 minutes and start to clean – it will clean itself!

See how it looks in practice.