It is not the same which side the stomach hurt you. DANGEROUS DISEASE is hidden at one of these areas (PHOTO)

Does your stomach hurt from the left or right, top or bottom, it may be indicative of different diseases

Surely you had a stomachache, and you ask people around you – what is here, on the left? And then get a response – not liver, the liver is the right…

However, the same disease may indicate pain in different places, but it is important to know what to exclude in that case.

In the photo below, is showed which diseases can be considerate in a particular region of the stomach, sometimes causing pain and ordinary constipation.

For example, pain in the middle region of the abdomen on the left can be a diverticulum, or enlargement of the colon, or large intestine mucous membrane, which can be quite painful.

Pancreatitis is a disease in which there is uncontrolled creation of pancreatic enzymes, which in addition to food starts to destroy pancreatic tissue. The disease can be fatal and often causing severe alcohol intoxication.