Imagine you can drink a lot of alcohol, and do not have a headache: These algae completely prevent a hangover

Imagine that something will completely prevent a hangover? Well, this algae is that something.

We all know what happens the morning after a night in which it had too much alcohol – hangover can be so strong that even promise ourselves that we will never drink.

PijansvoThis would be stopped by one type of algae called “Chlorella”. We all know a variety of recipes for a hangover, such as sour soup, but none of these “aspirin” does not work immediately and does not eliminate the consequences of drunkenness completely.

Chlorella is one of the single-celled organisms, and its amazing detoxifying properties are immediately launched among super foods.

– Light green color indicates strong presence of chlorophyll, which means that it is a very powerful tool for the treatment of liver – says nutritionist Nicky Ostrover.

Alga has no side effects and can be taken daily. It is rich in protein, iron, magnesium and zinc, raises immunity, protects against disease and neutralizes all kinds of toxins.

But most impressive of all is that it is so powerful that it can cleanse the body completely blocking the harmful effects of alcohol by making it easy to remove from the body.

What is the secret?

Chlorella has all the ingredients which deprives us alcohol, however, will act only if it is taken at least two hours before the drunken night, as it could provide the body nutrients supplied to the extent that alcohol simply cannot get you exhausted.

If you have not drunk a lot of ​​alcohol, most probable will not feel any effects. Of course, it depends on the general state of the organism, and the alga is no magic cure. But its power of detoxification, when alcohol is concerned, cannot be compared with anything.