If you notice this black hoop on your child’s skin, go to the doctor immediately! (PHOTO)

Sometimes we notice strange changes on our body, which origin is not exactly clear to us! Are they dangerous, harmless or just unusual? As long as it does not cause pain, leave it the way it is…

tamni-prstenAs the following story illustrates, changes in the body, should be always taken seriously!

14-year-old Pantera noticed that she was constantly thirsty, and that has a headache very often.

Her parents noticed a dark color ring on her neck which, despite persistent rubbing and showering, it did not disappear!

But precisely this ring has helped clinicians to provide accurate diagnosis of diabetes type 2.

Now she must check for the sugar level in the blood on a daily basis and intercepted by insulin therapy.

Doctors told her that the black ring around her neck was a sign that the production of insulin in the blood is not quite right.

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic, lifelong disease

It is responsible for the poor production of insulin and is directly related to the processing of sugar and glucose in the body.

The ring pigmentation called “Acanthosis nigricans” is visible even in the armpits and groin. It is believed that insulin affect the pigment in the skin, resulting in their abnormal growth.

tamni-prsten-na-kozi-4Experts say the disease is spreading among young people.

It appeals to parents that their children have more healthy , dietand avoiding, above all, fast food, sweets and fizzy drinks!