In My House We Are Not Throwing The Pineapple Peels Any More. Why? This Is The Reason …

Pineapples are one of the healthiest fruits available to us today. It has antioxidant properties and it will boost our energy levels thanks to the manganese and vitamin B content in pineapples. They are also rich in vitamin C and also dietary fiber. It also contains enzyme known as bromelain. In only one cup of pineapple pieces there is 82 calories which makes it really good to be consumed during your diets.

You can prepare yourself a pineapple juice and in this article you will see how.

Get the following ingredients:

-1 whole pineapple with its shell;
-Sweetener of your choice but it is recommended honey;
-1L of filtered water.

Here is the preparation method:

Start with washing the pineapple really well. After that you should peel the pineapple and the shell needs to be separated with removing the fruit and the crown. Afterwards you should boil some pineapple pulp with the shell. Next wait until it cools down and with a liter of water dilute it. Add the sweetener of your choice at the end and you are done. Before consuming it, strain the juice.

The health properties of pineapples

  1. Anti-inflammatory – you can use it to relieve pain and in treating sport injuries. It is effective due to the content of bromelain.
  2. It has positive effect on the heart – The risk of coronary heart disease is lowered when the intake of vitamin C is high and pineapple is extremely high in vitamin C.
  3. Fertility – The fertility in men and women can be increased due to the zinc, copper, vitamin C, folic acid and beta carotene in pineapples.
  4. Osteoarthritis –Osteoarthritis can be treated because pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Cataract prevention – Thanks again to the vitamin C content in pineapples you can protect your vision and according to studies vitamin C is lowering the risk of cataracts.
  6. Asthma – Thanks to the content of beta carotene in pineapples you can reduce your risk of asthma.
  7. Anti-cancer properties – According to the recent studies the bromalain is extremely good in fighting cancer. What can protect you from colon cancer and prostate cancer is the beta-carotene content in pineapples.