Himalayan Salt : What it is and why the other salts are slowly killing you


Salt is amazing stuff , we even get the word ” salary ” from salt . Could it really be toxic garbage ?  Why do some people say salt is bad for you ? The answer is here because  …


True salt is not bad for you . The refined table salt that so many of us are consuming is the culprit here . At some point in time people began refining salt and making it white ( just like they did with wheat turning it from whole wheat with nutrients into refined wheat with a lack of nutrients ) They striped all the color away from the salt , which took away all the other minerals leaving you with nothing but sodium chloride , and they took away its value and turned it into a toxic chemical substance . They rob the good salt of all its minerals & color and then add to it other toxic chemicals ( preservatives , anti – caking agents , trace amounts of aluminum & other metals  , and even add refined sugar sometimes ) The Table salt even has many other ingredients added to it , which are not listed on the label . It is nutritionless garbage & junk that increases the profit and pockets of those that sell it while decreasing your health and putting you into a health crisis .

In our biochemical system minerals and vitamins operate in families and ratios and this is often forgotten . When you raise the levels of sodium and chloride you need to have an equal change in the other minerals such as calcium , magnesium , potassium , iron , ect. ) in order to maintain that healthy ratio . If you do not raise the all those nutrients levels you will be putting yourself in an electrolyte imbalance and into dis – ease crisis . This is what we are seeing happening to those around us . On top of all this the salt causes craving for sugar & more salt and increases the deterioration of your teeth .


Himalayan Pink Salt to the Rescue

Pure Himalayan pink sea salt with its beautiful color ( sign of mineral richness ) and lack of all other ingredients ( no sugar or anti caking agents and all the other garbage ) is an entirely different culinary item and is a beneficial food . Himalayan salt contains up to 90 minerals along with the sodium chloride so you can use this and maintain your electrolyte balance and perfect mineral ratios . This real salt can help to re – mineralize those who have gone far too long eating sodium chloride without getting those other minerals . I have had many clients who were told to stay away from salt ( refined table salt ) and had low energy levels begin to eat a lot of real salt (Himalayan)  and see huge improvements in their energy levels and overall health !  This is why, as a health conscious Chef here in Cincinnati , I will only use Himalayan salt and a few other real salts in my culinary creations and in my food products such as the granola I sell locally . Unfortunately all of the restaurants I worked at , even the finest dinning places , use the refined salt due to its cheaper price to increase the profits of their business .

Hopefully this article has helped you to understand what exactly this Himalayan salt is and what its benefits are . Next time your out shopping grab some and start replacing the junk salt with it and see how this easy switch can provide you with immense benefits over time .

Cheers to good health ,

Chef Nathan Day