This Is The Best Natural Laxative To Clear All The ‘’Stuck Poop’’ In Your Intestines… You Will Lose 3 KG In Just 1 Day!

In today’s article, we are going to present a recipe for the preparation of natural laxative that is very efficient. Prunes are the main ingredient of this natural remedy which due to its content of fiber will help in softening the stool.

That actually will relieve constipation in a short period of time.

Needed Ingredients for this recipe:

150 grams prunes

5 cups water

150 grams dates without bone

How to prepare:

The first thing you need to do is to put the water on the heat and leave it until it starts to boil. In the meantime cut the dates and prunes on small pieces. Next put them into the boiled water. Let it boil until the mixture reduces by a half.

How to use this natural laxative:

Drink this mixture after you wake up in the morning, on an empty stomach. People of all generations and ages can consume this amazing mixture. By your choice, you can mix it with yogurt or cereal.


In a cup of water place a couple of prunes and let them soak overnight. Consume them the following morning.

If you are dealing with constipation you need to increase the intake of foods high in fiber and increase the amount of water you drink during the day.

Lemon water is an important ingredient that can help in softening of the stool.

Keep in mind and remember that when you decide to use some of these methods you need to stay at home as you might need to visit the bathroom more frequently.

If you have constipation often you should visit a doctor.