A scientist revealed amazing remedy: Just 4 tablespoons per day, and cancer will be gone!!!

Much suffering and death occur because of cancer that can be prevented if you reduce the use of tobacco products, improve the diet and physical activity.

Billions of people worldwide suffer from cancer, the most deadly diseases of our time.

Cancer is apparently not curable, but some people claim that it can be cured by natural ingredients discovered by Russian scientist Hristo Mermenski.

Professor Mermenski claims that the drug may cure your brain function, cleanse the liver, kidneys, blood vessels, heart health and treat cancer.


  • 15 lemons
  • 12 cloves garlic
  • 1kg of organic honey
  • 400 g walnuts
  • 400 g of sprouted grains


Put green wheat in a bowl and pour water, and leave it so overnight. In the morning, dry wheat, wash it and dry it again. Use cheesecloth to strain it, then put it back in the pan and allow it to germinate for 24 hours.

Mermenski recommends taking a few tablespoons of the drug before each meal and before going to bed. If you suffer from cancer, take few tablespoons every few hours.


Source: http://www.narodnilijekovi.info/2016/08/09/naucnik-otkrio-nevjerovatan-lijek-samo-4-kasike-na-dan-i-karcinom-ce-nestati/