A, B or C??? The Way You Hold Hands with Your Partner Reveals a Lot about Your Relationship!!!

  We are all familiar with that great feeling of holding hands with your loved one and walking around for everyone to see that great love you two share.

This might seem like a small step on the way your relationship is going, but it certainly tells a lot about it, precisely the degree of closeness and affection you have for each other.

There are quite of few ways to hold hands as it is proven.

Here are some:

1. Down facing palm

If you hold hands like these that means that you are in an affectionate relationship but not in a really passionate one. Furthermore, the individual that has the palm facing downward is considered to be the stronger one, takes initiative and shows more authority.

2. Interlocked fingers

Simply symbolizes passion and strong affection towards one another. It is crucial to hold hands tightly since it is a bad sign if they’re really loose.

3. The one-finger hold

That means you are being a bit selfish but in a positive way of course. You need your private moments and your space and your partner are okay with that. But it can also indicate that the “love birds” are just about to go back to “just friends” because the bond between them is almost broken and someone wants to pull out.