8 terrible mistakes in using deodorants that destroy our health and we are not even aware of it. Here’s how it really needs to be used

How to properly use deodorants and antiperspirants? In what quantity? These are some of the most important facts that each person should know.

  1. Do not apply it after showering

Deodorant works best when applied to clean skin. First wash all the dirt and then apply it immediately before you start sweating because this is the real layer of sweat protection.

  1. Do not apply it again

Deodorant should not be applied once, because it will not protect you throughout the day. Apply it again, but before that you should clean the skin.

  1. Wrong choice

Not all bodies are the same. If you wear a thick sweater for example, you will need a medically powerful deodorant. If you have sensitive skin, you will need ant allergic.

  1. Unfavored scents

Most hygiene supplies contain more odors to keep you cool, but it’s important to align your deodorant with other cosmetic products such as shampoos or perfumes, so as not to disrupt smells. Peach and mint do not go together!

  1. Not applying it at night

Most people dehydrogenate only in the morning, but you would prefer to do this even at night, because in this way you will get the right effect and the pores will be protected.

  1. Deodorant replacement with shower

Antiperspirant is powerful for your body, but that does not mean that you do not need personal hygiene. No product can replace the shower.

  1. Too many applications

Too much deodorant could do more harm than good. Excessive amount of application can cause scarring and irritation of the skin due to the build up of the chemicals.

  1. Applying to the wrong place

Again, deodorants should go to dry and clean skin. To have the right effect, it must be in direct contact with the pores. If you apply it on your clothes, you will not achieve anything


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