7 Simple Tips on How to Protect Your Children from Bacteria and Viruses

You do not need any special fighter against bacteria in order to protect your family from various ailments that cause, it is enough to follow these seven basic steps:


1. Learn your children to wash their hands when it is most needed: after going to the bathroom, touching animals or playing outside, and before eating.

2. Wash your hands in the right way, with soap and water, it takes 20 seconds of scrubbing to kill the germs that need to be addressed.

3. Take a bottle of hand cleaners or wipes when taking children on playgrounds and public parks, shopping centers and other places where there may not be a sink near you. Be sure to cover the entire hand, if possible, and under the nails.
4. When preparing meat or poultry, wash cutting boards with hot water and detergent, and preferably clean work surface disinfectant. The bacteria that are commonly found on raw meat, including campylobacter, salmonella and E. coli, are more dangerous than any other germs that you have in the house.

5. Small cuts and scrapes wash it with soap and water, then put some antibacterial ointment, bandage or patch that you need to change every day until the wound heals.

6. Make sure children are vaccinated on time, and consider the vaccination against the flu every year. A child of school age who was vaccinated against the flu is less likely to bring home a bug that can infect the entire family.

7. If someone in your house is sick, be sure to wipe, preferably with an antibacterial agent, doorknobs, remote controls, toys and other items your children touch throughout the day.