6 Ways To Make The Baby Smarter Even Before Birth

According to a study published in PLOS One, fetuses are more responsive to the maternal touch of the abdomen rather than to the mothers’ voices from outside the uterus.

Researchers have found out that fetuses respond to this stimulus by moving their heads, arms and mouths.

The study involved 23 pregnant women who were supposed to stay in a dark room. They were asked to perform three different behaviors. The first behavior required the women to rub their abdomens. The second one involved talking to the unborn babies and the third behavior didn’t require the women to do anything.

Meanwhile researchers tracked the movements of the fetuses with sonography. It has been shown that they were more responsive to the first behavior.

According to another study, if parents talk to their unborn babies during the pregnancy, they will develop great reading and language skills in the early childhood. This encourages the development of the auditory skills which are necessary for language development.

According to Dr. Rebekka Levis, who is an assistant professor at the New York Medical College, not only can babies hear the sounds while in the uterus, but they can even recognize their mothers’ voices.

According to the pediatrician Anatoly Beliovsky, parents should motivate their babies to learn by interacting with them while they are in the womb. This includes reading, talking to the babies, touching and rubbing the mother’s abdomen.

The author of the study, Patricia K. Kuhl, Ph.D., says that future moms need to know that their babies are learning, listening and remembering every piece of information during the last few months of the pregnancy. This is due to the ability of their brains to absorb the information even before the birth.

Other useful tips that can make your baby smarter:

• Stay active – this will increase the blood flow around your womb, thus boosting the development of your baby.
• Supply your body with enough amounts of vitamin D – this vitamin helps your baby to develop strong bones and heart.
• Massage your abdomen – by touching and massaging your belly you send calming messages to your baby. Unborn babies can even distinguish between the father’s and the mother’s touch.
• Play music – unborn babies love music because it stimulates the production of happy hormones, like serotonin.
• Sing nursery rhymes – if you sing rhythmic songs to your unborn baby, sing the same rhymes after the birth to soothe and calm your newborn child.
• Read stories and talk to your baby.

By doing all these things, the bonding between you and your child will be stronger, he/she will be less likely to develop autism and his/her intelligence will be higher.


Source: http://nutrilifetips.com/6-ways-make-baby-smarter-even-birth/